Daisy Bateman

Thurscheese: That’s Right, I Said Thurscheese

Things I like: Shoes, wine, cheese. Things I have specific days for on the blog: Shoesday, Winesday. . . Thurscheese. It seems like a natural progression, really.

Our first cheese, Fromage D’Affinois (sounds pretentious, but I’ve never seen it labeled anything else; maybe you’re just supposed to call it “Affinois?”) comes from the “soft” family, a very mild double-creme brie-like cheese with strong properties of butter. (Note: the Camembert plate under it is purely incidental.) I particularly like this one because, while I’m a big fan of brie, I don’t like the rind at all, to the point of thinking it spoils the whole flavor of the cheese. Which means I become one of those people who only scoops out the inside, subtly at first, when it’s squishing out the sides, but gradually worsening to the point where I have dug myself a kind of cheese cave into the slice, which can get you some seriously dirty looks at a party.

Anyway, the great thing about this one is that the rind has very little flavor, and you can go ahead and enjoy all that good butteryness without making it look like you are trying to dig yourself a burrow in the appetizer plate. Everybody wins!

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