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Shoesday: Boots, and a Bonus Rant

What can I say? I like a low-heeled brown leather boots. These are excellent for wearing under jeans, if a little Robin-Hood-esque with a skirt and tights. I considered buying green tights to go with, but I decided against.

Another thing I’m against? Curved-sole shoes. Why do I oppose them? Well, they are ugly, stupid-looking and sold with vaguely scientific claims that have no clear basis in fact*, which just happen to be three of my very least favorite things.

Look, I understand that not everyone has feet that permit them to wear beautiful and delicate shoes. Sometimes, clunkiness is an inevitable alternative to crippling pain. But this is not one of those cases. These are shoes that are specifically designed to be uncomfortable, which they sell as a fitness aspect, with about as much evidence as is used to sell that Airborne crap** and I suspect the effectiveness actually derives from the good old Puritan principle that anything unpleasant must be good for you.

But, okay, maybe they do actually do some good. Not as much good as getting some real running shoes and actually running around the block, but whatever. But what really bothers me here? The point of these shoes, stated or implied, is that they help you lose weight. The point, stated or implied, (for most people) of losing weight is to look better. So, in an attempt to “improve” your appearance, you are making yourself look worse, which strikes me as a kind of a null result.

So, in conclusion: Low boots=nice. Round shoes=no.

That is all.

*I’m sorry, a thirty person study? This is statistically significant, how?
**Helpful Hint: Don’t get me started.

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