Daisy Bateman

Thurscheese: Cave-Aged Gruyere

It’s cheese, from a cave! Like Batman! Only without the belt or the car or the sidekick or the lingering daddy issues. Actually, this cheese isn’t that much like Batman, except for the cave part. But that’s cool, right?

I like regular gruyere just fine, but for my money (admittedly, slightly more of it– caves don’t come cheap) cave-aged is the way to go. Not only do you get the pleasure of knowing that your cheese spent its youth secreted away in a torch-lit cavern in Switzerland, tended by an order of monks who have kept the location secret under a blood oath for generations*, but you also get a firmer, nuttier flavor without even a hint of bat guano.

*The preceding may not have any relation to be actual facts**.
**Except for the part about Switzerland. It says that on the label.

2 thoughts on “Thurscheese: Cave-Aged Gruyere”

  1. I have always, always wondered how monastical orders can secretly continue for generations. Do they steal out into the night and kidnap babies? Are they very naughty monks? Are some of them really nuns? These are the things I think about.


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