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So, three weeks into this and I seem to have come to the inevitable conclusion: I am not a very good wine blogger. I remain, of course, an excellent wine drinker, but the part where I translate that experience to the written word has so far escaped me, with all of my impressions being either “tasty!” or stolen from other people. Which is not to say I am giving it up entirely– I have never let abject failure stop me so far* and I don’t see why I should stop now. What I am going to do is to take advantage of Karen’s (not the one with the vegan shoes, the other one) fortuitous misunderstanding and alternate Winesday with “Whinesday” in which I indulge in my other favorite pastime: complaining about things that annoy me and that I disapprove of.

I don’t actually have one ready for today, so I am going to lean another, more talented blogger who has illustrated one of my grammatical** pet-peeves.

I agree with her alot.

*Not true, but go with me here.
**Yes, I am aware of the irony.

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