Daisy Bateman

The Lost Weekend

Lost to madness and debauchery? To an impromptu trip to Vegas that ended with a near-arrest at the Neon Graveyard with a half-dozen Elvis impersonators, an aging showgirl and three German tourists? To that spot behind the dresser where the cat likes to put things? No, to Salmonella poisoning*. We were going to spend this … Read more


Due to a severe bout of food poisoning, this week’s Shoefinder post will be delayed until such a time as I can sit up for more than ten minutes without feeling like I have a stomach full of angry badgers. The management apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thurscheese: NYC

For dinner on the Monday I was in New York we (“we” being myself and the VanCorvies of Murray Hill) went to a restaurant that takes its cheese plate seriously. How seriously? Well, here’s the cheese menu: I didn’t get up to go examine the cheese table, but fortunately I didn’t have to, because there … Read more

Shoesday: So Awesome I Could Cry

I mean, I won’t, because I am a tough and battle-hardened blogger who is totally above that sort of thing. But I could. These shoes are the crown jewels of my New York acquisition-spree, purchased at the Sigerson Morrison store, where I was helped by (by his own admission) the only gay man in New … Read more

Into the Tomato Forest

Back home to my tomatoes, which appear to have thrived in my absence, thanks to Cameron’s help with the watering. I returned with a renewed vigor for my gardening, and some new information, thanks to Lisa, apartment-gardening maven with the blog* to prove it. From her I learned useful things like “you need to keep … Read more

Etsy Surfing

All next week is going to be about stuff from my trip, which means I don’t have a Shoefinder to do today. So I thought I’d go with something different, and spend some time at my favorite shopping website where I never buy anything: Etsy. For those who are unfamiliar, Esty is a sort of … Read more

New York Update 1

Eaten: cafe near hotel with good chai and ESPN Deportes on the TV (2x), Asia de Cuba (turns out I recognized the name because there’s one in SF) Purchased: hairbrush, lipgloss, underwear (not forgotten, just needed to replenish and found a good price), raincoat proven unnecessary Done: “The Addams Family Musical” on Broadway, complained about … Read more

Notice of Service Interruption

I am just about to take off for my red-eye flight to New York, once I finish packing, which will happen after the dryer finishes, at which time my internet access promises to become somewhat unreliable until at least Sunday night. So there will be no official Shoefinder post this week– though I may try … Read more