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Thurscheese: I Forget What This One’s Called

I’m pretty sure it starts with an “M” and I know it came up when I was playing Cheese or Font*, but I accidentally threw out the label before I wrote it down. I do remember that I enjoyed it– for all it’s resemblance to cheddar*** it has a flavor more reminiscent of a milder, softer Parmesan. Goes well with a nice crusty bread, but then, what doesn’t?****

Wait, I just remembered something. Is it Mimolette? It is!

My powers of cheese are not to be underestimated.

*”Cheese or Font” brought to my attention by Ryan, husband of Lisa, who also helpfully points out that someone has started a market for cheese futures**, which are generally, in my opinion, “sandwich.”
**There is, as he helpfully points out, some questions as to whether investors will cover the spread.
***Not that there’s anything wrong with cheddar.
****Nothing, that’s what.

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