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Into the Tomato Forest

Back home to my tomatoes, which appear to have thrived in my absence, thanks to Cameron’s help with the watering. I returned with a renewed vigor for my gardening, and some new information, thanks to Lisa, apartment-gardening maven with the blog* to prove it. From her I learned useful things like “you need to keep your tomatoes off the ground or they’ll get leaf rot” and “if you see mold on any of your plants you had better get rid of it” and “get that mint (not pictured) out of your herb pot or else it will take over and choke everything else out” and other things that someone who actually knows something about gardening knows.

So I have been employing her suggestions, and I think my tomatoes should be much healthier for it and give me lots of fruit all through the summer. And, if not, maybe she will mail me some of her extras.

Confused Tomato (not pictured) remains deeply confused.

*My favorite bits so far: “Roquette Man” and the view from the strawberries.**
**Also, the somehow-familiar footnoting.

3 thoughts on “Into the Tomato Forest”

  1. Yes, Footnoting… Isn't there something about imatation and flattery? Seriously, without this blog, urbanegardener would not exist so I sincerly thank you for every plagerized style point (b/c don't you think footnotes are so much more elegant than endless parentheticals?) and examples of clarity and wit.

    Also, we are so eager to here of confused tomato's progress – inquiring minds want to know. We're like Justin Bieber fans but with drivers licenses.

  2. Lisa– No harm in the footnoting at all. I think it is an excellent and underused writing technique.

    Confused tomato remains confused. It has now completed a full twist in the effort to find "up" and I think will get next Monday's post devoted to it, since it seems to be the breakout star of the blog. (You should have seen the rioting in Australia. . .)

    Mary- For further information, you should talk to Lisa. She knows stuff.


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