Daisy Bateman

Confused Tomato: Defying Gravity

Several weeks in, and Confused Tomato remains as confused as ever. He knows where up is; he wants to go where up is, but somehow, no matter how many times he twists his stalk, he just can’t get where up is. I try to explain, I really do.

“C.T.,” I say, “This is a good thing, I swear. Your leaves are never going to end up touching the dirt and getting leaf rot, your stem won’t have to be strapped to a stake for support. You’re easy to water, your roots have lots of soil, and if you just reach down and out a bit you can have all the sun you want. Don’t you think that sounds nice?”

But Confused Tomato won’t listen. Partly because he’s a tomato plant, and therefore has no ears, and partly because it’s all just so darn confusing.

1 thought on “Confused Tomato: Defying Gravity”

  1. I'm going to dedicate my day to the life lesson of Confused Tomato, looking for ways in which I, like Confused Tomato, insist on trying to go up when I should be going down.


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