Daisy Bateman


June is here, the sun is shining (finally!) and the tomatoes are in bloom! In fact they’re blooming all over the place, giving me my first real hope that I might actually see some fruit someday. They’re also getting a lot of waterings, particularly the ones in the second bedroom, because it seems like every time I turn my back for about five minutes they’re dry again. I’m thinking about checking the bottoms of the pots for bailing pumps.

On a sadder note, I have had to give up and pull out two of the outside plants, which finally succumbed to the white mold. I was trying to keep from having to do it, cutting off any leaves that looked infected, but on Saturday I went out and looked and realized that I had trimmed them down to just stalks with a couple of leaves on top, and those were turning white too. So, for the good of the others, I put them out of their misery, and I’m hoping it wasn’t in vain.

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