Daisy Bateman

Public Service Announcement

The sales at Sigerson Morrison and Belle have reached the “oh, hell yeah” stage. I highly recommend checking them out, particularly if you are in the market for some cute flats or sandals. Or, you know, if you happen to need some crazy buckled boot-things in your life:

Tomatoes: The Next Generation

With reports pouring in from around the country* of tomato harvests, I’m feeling more than a little bit left behind. In fact, for a while there I thought I wasn’t going to get more than those four tomatoes I have been tracking for the last few weeks, which don’t seem to be getting much closer … Read more

Thurscheese: Poutine

(Yesterday I told you about how I am doing my new workout routine. Today I am telling you why.) This is poutine. A dish native to Canada (that my American spellcheck doesn’t even recognize as a word) with clear familial resemblance to our own chili cheese fries, it traditionally consists of french fries topped with … Read more

Whinesday: Ow

I hurt. Not psychologically, of course; that part of my soul died years ago. But everything else is pretty sore, because I have made the not-terribly-well-thought-out decision to begin attending a fitness “boot camp” that meets in the park across the street from me. At five-thirty am. Do you have any idea how early it … Read more