Daisy Bateman

A Perseverance of Tomatoes

Back from the North Which May Freeze Sometimes, But Not This Month and happy to report that the tomatoes are doing fine. There are no more than there were, and they’re still green, but thanks to the attentions of the lady we paid to stop by every day and water them (seriously, these are going to be the most expensive tomatoes in the history of produce), they remain in the realm of the living, which is as much as I think I can hope for.

3 thoughts on “A Perseverance of Tomatoes”

  1. I hope that is the new collective noun for tomatoes – like a murder of crows, or a parliament of owls. I'm so glad they're coming along! Also, I finally actually update the blog. You are a good influence on me.

  2. Wow, your garden is a lot further along than mine. I'm hoping to get to eat some of these by September.

    Glad you're blogging more! You should get a twitter account for it, so that those of us who don't do RSS and other such fancy stuff will know when you've posted. (I am now flush with power, and will be handing down decrees periodically.)


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