Daisy Bateman

Tomatoes: The Next Generation

With reports pouring in from around the country* of tomato harvests, I’m feeling more than a little bit left behind. In fact, for a while there I thought I wasn’t going to get more than those four tomatoes I have been tracking for the last few weeks, which don’t seem to be getting much closer to table-ready. But! It’s possible I let the hopelessness consume me a bit too soon**, because here come some more! Two more, to be exact, which amounts to a fifty-percent increase in production. If it keeps up like this I might end up with enough for a salad.

*Mary and Lisa.
**When being consumed by hopelessness, timing is key.

1 thought on “Tomatoes: The Next Generation”

  1. Go plants go! Darn you and your long growing season – my tomato plant hasn't put out a flower since June.



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