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“Subtle” Is Not the First Word That Springs To Mind Here

This product was brought to my attention by Karen, in an email titled “painfully blogworthy”:

What makes it great is not so much the product itself (helpful hint: do not try to visualize how their claims that works on any underwear, “even thongs” can be true), it’s the fact that 94% of customers would recommend it to a friend. Which I thought was just an expression of their faith in the product, and not an indication of how they interact with the people they know, until I read this review:

“Everyone I gave this too loved it! It’s the most unique gift I’ve found in years. Not one person had ever received one before.”

“Which was surprising to me, because I thought a lot of people would have publicly commented to them about their tendency to emit noxious odors!”

(Dear ‘Deb’,
It’s not so much that they like this as a gift; they’re just grateful that you’ve stopped giving them these.
Sincerely, Me)

Bonus!: On the same page we have a link to this lovely item, perfect for those people who would rather go around looking like every shirt they own has a trim of cheap lace around the bottom than buy pants that actually fit.

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