Daisy Bateman

Emmy Awards Opening Number

The Emmys were, in general, so boring that even though I was stuck on a plane with a limited number of channels and nowhere else to go, I still ended up watching people race food trucks instead, but this opening number, featuring pretty much everyone on TV, is fantastic and you really have to watch … Read more

Fruits of My Garden

That’s right, plural! (Peppers are fruit, right?) Just back from Florida, where everything grows, to find my tomatoes as close to thriving as they have ever come. I counted nineteen total– counting these– including two on Confused Tomato (they are, predictably, confused) and I am starting to feel dangerously optimistic about my chances of success … Read more

Shoesday: Back On My Feet

As I have mentioned, my foray into early-morning bootcamping left me with one moderately damaged Achilles tendon, which I have been slowly nursing back to health by not doing any running and coming up with reasons to avoid swimming. But break time is just about over, because I made it 45 minutes on the elliptical … Read more

Friday Fun Time!

No shoes this week, because I’m sneaking out early to head to the foothills to go drink wine with a bunch of people dressed like pirates* who may or may not be wearing tasteful boots.** Instead, I give you a Tour Of Things On The Internet. Are these people serious? Because, on the one hand, … Read more

The Great Tomato Move

I seemed like things were finally looking up, here on San Mateo’s smallest and least successful tomato farm. The herbs are coming up like crazy,* new little tomatoes were appearing on the plants on a semi-regular basis** and there is one tomato that is actually, genuinely turning red: It’s hard as a little rock, but … Read more