Daisy Bateman

Friday Fun Time!

No shoes this week, because I’m sneaking out early to head to the foothills to go drink wine with a bunch of people dressed like pirates* who may or may not be wearing tasteful boots.** Instead, I give you a Tour Of Things On The Internet.

Are these people serious? Because, on the one hand, they’re selling their He-Man inspired paintings for upwards of three grand, which is serious money. On the other hand, they are He-Man inspired paintings. So I’m not sure.

They keep adding bacon to things. Newest additions to the repertoire: hot sauce, bloody mary rim salt, caviar. Also available: toasted ants. (Claimed to taste like bacon.)

Like cycling, but feel like the shorts don’t make you look quite stupid enough? How about a bicycle/elliptical machine. Perfect for those times when you need to tell the world, “I am a bigger yuppie dork than any of you.”

And finally: Monkeys hate flying squirrels. According to monkey annoyance experts (a job title I believe is science code for “we had some extra grant money lying around and the admin people wouldn’t let us spend it on beer).

Also! Speaking of crazy scientists, this guy thought the best way to prove how serious he was about using the scientific process to uncover basic natural truths would be to send taunting emails to a biotech company, full of terrible rap lyrics about how great he is, plus bad grammar. Yay, science!

*I will not be dressed like a pirate. But I will be wearing a scarf with skulls on it, unless it’s too hot.
**I’m gonna go with “not.”

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