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Shoesday: Back On My Feet

As I have mentioned, my foray into early-morning bootcamping left me with one moderately damaged Achilles tendon, which I have been slowly nursing back to health by not doing any running and coming up with reasons to avoid swimming. But break time is just about over, because I made it 45 minutes on the elliptical the other day, and if this keeps up I might actually be able to participate in the half-marathon I signed up for in a burst of deeply unreasonable optimism. (I haven’t run for two months and it’s in October. What could possibly go wrong?)

5 thoughts on “Shoesday: Back On My Feet”

  1. I'm in a similar position. Summer's been busy. We've been traveling a lot. I haven't squeezed in much running. Zero swimming or biking.

    I'm signed up for a spring distance tri at the end of September and a half at the end of October.

    I'm looking forward to a fall of achiness.

  2. No, the San Jose one. It's flat(-ish) and there's bands playing all along the course, but I'm not sure if even that is going to make up for only having a month to prepare. We shall see.

  3. You can do it! BTW your post on the swimming lessons was great. I am really enjoying biking right now, don't know if you can do that to keep up your cardio activity

  4. The power of rock and roll will see you through! You may be at risk for your run turning into an awesome 80s movie montage, though.



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