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Thurscheese: This Is What Happens

When you go away for a while and, upon returning, realize you forgot to make notes of the kinds of cheese you took the nice picture of for your blog. They were tasty, I just wish I remembered what they were. (On a related note, I am beginning to think that food blogging is one of those things I don’t have a natural aptitude for.)

I should point out that I am aware that not all of the things here are cheese. (I should be; I ate them.) This is actually something of a fallback meal at our house*, probably mostly due to me. Basically, it involves going over to Draeger’s** and selecting some cheeses at random, along with a couple of items from the paté family and bread from Acme, because you can move a girl out of the East Bay, but she’s still not about to eat sub-par baguettes. All of the above are served with some white wine and whatever is in the Netflix instant queue (in this case, I believe, “Columbo”), repeat until you have to spend an extra hour on the treadmill.

Ah, weekends. We really should have more of those around here.

*Actually an apartment.
**Super-fancy grocery store near said apartment. Basically, Draeger’s:Whole Foods::Whole Foods:Safeway.

2 thoughts on “Thurscheese: This Is What Happens”

  1. Looks lovely. I like the concept of a pate food group. It looks like you have pate de campagne on the left, and terrine de foie de on the right.


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