Daisy Bateman

Goats ‘n’ Honey

Is there anyone who doesn’t like the Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer? It’s so counter-intuitive. I mean, when you think about supermarket flyers it’s all big pictures and bright colors; sale prices in 32-point font and no concepts more complicated than “pork butt.” But none of that for TJ’s. No, they put out a multipage, two-color … Read more

Shoesday: Better Red Than Wet?

I’ll admit it, these boots are a bit of a What Was I Thinking moment for me. They seemed so cute in the pictures! They were on sale! I didn’t really have any rain boots! But the fact of the matter is, when they arrived and all of that red was staring me in the … Read more

Consumed Tomatoes

One thing about growing tomatoes; at some point you’re going to get to eat them. Even, apparently, if you make as many mistakes as I have. Which is a comfort, really. It gives me hope that even at my core level of competency I can grow food that I can eat. Given, of course, easy … Read more

Bouchercon Baby Gone

Saturday and Sunday– Let’s put this one in the books. I said I was going to bring my boots, and I did. (I tried them with some floral patterned tights, but in combination with the floral dress I had (Target!), it seemed like a little bit much.) And despite an array of very interesting looking … Read more

Bouchercon For the Money

Because it was a great location, but I have to say, that hotel room was not cheap. Day 2, Shoe 1: One problem with my shoe-centric convention plan was that it was kind of incompatible with pants. Which is too bad, because I’m a big fan of pants. But these are the kinds of sacrifices … Read more

Bouchercon and Done

You want to make a bad business decision? Try hosting a convention of writers in your hotel and closing the bar at midnight. That should do it. Last weekend Bouchercon, the World Mystery Convention, was held in San Francisco and, aside from the management’s lack of vision with regards to beverage profits, it was an … Read more

Strawberry Fields for Breakfast

If you ever find yourself driving on 101 north of Hopland, and you have a minute to spare, I highly recommend that you stop at the Saechao farm stand (on the left side if you’re heading North, on the right if you’re going South*) and buy some strawberries. They are not supermarket pretty, but they are … Read more