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Shoesday: Better Red Than Wet?

I’ll admit it, these boots are a bit of a What Was I Thinking moment for me. They seemed so cute in the pictures! They were on sale! I didn’t really have any rain boots! But the fact of the matter is, when they arrived and all of that red was staring me in the face, it occurred to me that these were going to be a little tough to, you know, actually wear. I mean, this is a lot of red. They would make a good piece of a superhero costume, if I wasn’t far to lazy to ever wear a costume more elaborate than “witch hat.” And they’re certainly wide enough to tuck my pant legs into, which might come in handy in the event of a deluge. But otherwise all I see happening with these boots is that I wear them to work and everyone, without exception, stops, looks at my feet, and says, “Wow, those are some. . . red boots.”

Still, it could be worse. At least I didn’t go with the yellow.

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