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A Nidiface of My Own

As it happens, I’m a big fan of words. (Pause for Cameron to say, “Really?” in a deeply sarcastic tone of voice.) Big words, little words, words I don’t know how to pronounce because I’ve only ever seen them written. Which is why this project appeals to me so much. It’s an attempt being made by the makers of the Oxford English Dictionary to save words that are in danger of being lost to the English language forever, by having people adopt and use them.

I was only going to take “nidiface,” which means “nest,” but then I saw “Ichthyarchy*” and I knew I had to have that too. Look for these to turn up regularly in my blog posts and twitter, until they either reenter normal usage or everyone stops talking to me.

(If you adopt a word of your own, please share it in the comments, and we can try and come up with sentences for them.)

(Thanks to the Fug Girls for the tip.)

*Kingdom of fishes.

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