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I Like My Version Better

Recently, I mentioned to Cameron that really I liked the song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz. It’s fun and upbeat, the sort of thing that would make good workout music, and it had a lyric I particularly enjoyed, about getting ready to go to a club “wearing on my favorite pants.” Unfortunately, on a further listening, Cameron pointed out that the line is actually, “wearing all my favorite brands,” which is clearly correct (and better grammar), but not nearly as fun. I mean, who can’t relate to the feeling of getting ready to head out for the evening, favorite pants on and ready to party?

Other songs I do my own lyrics to:
The Colors of the Wind by Vanessa Williams (“The herring and the otter are my friends”)
Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (I’ve managed to get it stuck in my head with the corrected grammar.)
Kyrie by Mr. Mister
This one isn’t even mine; a guy called into a radio show where they were talking about misheard lyrics and shared it, and I liked it so much I adopted it.


Carrying a laser down the road that I must travel
Carrying a laser through the darkness of the night
Carrying a laser where I’m going will you follow
Carrying a laser on the highway in the light

(@Abigail: possible theme song for your lab?)

4 thoughts on “I Like My Version Better”

  1. now I cannot listen to it with out hearing laser. what are the actual lyrics?

    It would be a good theme song except I have no speakers in my lab. that may need to be remedied.



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