Daisy Bateman

A Case of the Cyber-Mondays

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving.* You’re back at your desk, bleary-eyed and wondering what it is you actually do for a living and if it is really possible for a person to eat her own weight in turkey, when you happen to open your email. Immediately, your eyeballs slam to the back of your head, battered by the force of the sheer number of messages with “cyber Monday” in the subject line. You want to participate, you think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start your Christmas shopping sometime before December 23rd, and you don’t really feel like doing any work today, but you just don’t know where to start. That’s where I come in.

Bloomingdale’s: $50 off if you spend $250, sales on boots, jackets, sweaters.
Only good if you were planning to drop some fairly serious cash here, but if there’s a big ticket item you had in mind, now’s the moment. (A moment, anyway.) And, as gifts of clothing go, a coat is a relatively safe one, given the flexibility of the sizing. Faux fur is kind of having a moment right now, as is leopard-print, so if you have someone on your gift-list who can handle it, this jacket might be just the thing. Or you might think I’m insane, which would be nothing new. In that case, you might want to go with something a little simpler.

Ann Taylor: 40% off everything with the code “MONDAY” today only.
Not so much a gift place, but if you need a dress for an office party you could do a lot worse than this. Throw on a flashy necklace and some heels and you’re good to go. And nothing says, “Here, I got you a gift” like a scarf.

Kate Spade/Jack Spade: 25% off all sale items.
Masculine gift that is nice: Fancy messenger bag.
Masculine gift that is insane: Leather matchbox.
Feminine gift she would be happy about: Fun and sparkly evening bag.
Feminine gift that will make anyone over the age of five look stupid: Tiny little box bag with a handle.

Lands End: $20 off $75 or $50 off $150. Also, some items discounted for the day.
Hey, it can’t always be glamor and parties and sparkly bags. Sometimes people just need canvas totes and warm sweaters for decent prices. Also, I understand that some unfortunate souls live in places where cold white stuff falls on them, right out of the sky. I guess you’d need some kind of jacket for that.

Target: Various items on sale.
There are some oddities here, like how you can get the entire first season of MASH for about half the price of the worst Bond movie ever to star Sean Connery. (Speaking of bad ideas, when I said now was the time for leopard prints, I most emphatically did not mean anyone should think of buying a leopard snuggie (For people who find a blanket too hard to operate!TM), even if the price is so terrifyingly low that Target dare not even whisper it to you. Just thought I should make that clear.) But hey, it’s Target, and there has to be someone you know who wants a remote-control helicopter.

And finally, for when you’ve just about had it with this whole “getting things for other people” deal, Tarte has everything at 30% off (except limited holiday items, which are 15%) (checkout code CYBERMON). I say get yourself some eyeshadow, one of their cheek stains and some lip glosses. You’ve earned it.**

*No, really.
**For male readers, please ignore the above, unless you’re into that, which is cool. But face it, you aren’t doing your shopping this early anyway.

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