Daisy Bateman

I’m Not On a Boat

Unless you’re reading this at some point in the future* when I am. But for the moment I remain landlocked. The cruise was a lot of fun, if a little on the cold and wet side, and I will get into that presently** but it’s almost Christmas and it doesn’t seem like the time. So … Read more

I’m On a Boat

Or at least I will be by the time you read this. We’re leaving this morning* for a short pre-holidays cruise out of Los Angeles, where it is projected to be raining steadily for the next four days. But that will be okay because, as I mentioned, we will be on a boat. (Or we … Read more

After a Fashion

Even for professionals, the world of fashion can be confusing sometimes. For example, recently a trend for “bib necklaces” cropped up, and has been doing brisk business among people who, when they wear a necklace, have no interest in doing the thing halfway. They vary from the cute to the ridiculous, but they do have … Read more

Shoesday: Fasten Your Shoe Belts

Oh Sigerson Morrison*, why can’t I stay away from you? I have lovely flats, as many as any rational person could possibly need, but then you have to go and release a style with cool buckles and a sweet rounded toe, and it’s all I can do to wait for them to go on sale. … Read more

Merry and Bright

I don’t know about you. but where I am it is cold and gray and rainy, and someone is out of Trader Joe’s frozen lunches, so she has to walk all the way across the parking lot* to go to the cafeteria. So let’s look at some lovely things to cheer ourselves up, shall we? … Read more

Shoesday: Jingle Shoes

If you happen to have visited my twitter or Facebook or have been within about ten feet of me in the last couple of weeks, you may have heard about how I just sold my short story “Schrödinger’s Cat Lady” to the fine people at Escape Pod, for publication as a podcast and text in … Read more

New Camera!

Rumpole, Pensive That’s right, I’m using the fact that my poor, elderly Canon Powershot s410 finally gave up the ghost as my excuse for why there has been no Shoesday/Thurscheese/etc in the last week, and totally denying that it has anything to do with me being completely lazy. But now I have a new camera, … Read more