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Shoesday: Jingle Shoes

If you happen to have visited my twitter or Facebook or have been within about ten feet of me in the last couple of weeks, you may have heard about how I just sold my short story “Schrödinger’s Cat Lady” to the fine people at Escape Pod, for publication as a podcast and text in mid-January. That would be excitement enough all on its own, but making it even better is the fact that they have become successful enough to pay professional rates for their stories which is very exciting indeed. So, of course, I did what I always do when faced with an unexpected financial windfall, and spent it on shoes.

I love these shoes. They’re a great shade of candy-apple red, there’s a hidden platform that keeps them from being too high and padding in the footbed to make it possible to stand in them for more than ten minutes at a time.

But the best part (and the problem) is what’s on the back:

Awesome, yes? I could never bring myself to get any additional piercings on my body, but I love them on my shoes. And the metal heel is just the right touch of basassitude for the holidays. But there is a problem.

You know what happens when a metal charm hits a metal heel? Clinking. Jingling, even. But that’s okay. I figure either I’ll where these to a Christmas party and the noise will be blamed on someone else’s novelty sweater, or a club and pretend it’s just part of the music.

Because, jingling be damned, with imaginary cats as my witness I promise you this: I will wear them.

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  1. If you want to get rid of the jingle, just apply a tiny dot of clear silicone caulk on the two ends of each dangle-thing.


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