Daisy Bateman

Merry and Bright

I don’t know about you. but where I am it is cold and gray and rainy, and someone is out of Trader Joe’s frozen lunches, so she has to walk all the way across the parking lot* to go to the cafeteria. So let’s look at some lovely things to cheer ourselves up, shall we?







*It’s a big parking lot.

2 thoughts on “Merry and Bright”

  1. Lovely shoe colors! Bright colors are in my fashion. I go for Insanity, specially when I wear my cocktail dress or gown during parties. I love just the plain color and match it with my bag.
    And Feathery looks lovely, too! It seems like a good deal for me when wearing it for an event. It looks like a vintage pair for me.
    It seems that I love them all, but Insanity and Feathery are the best.


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