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Shoesday: Fasten Your Shoe Belts

Oh Sigerson Morrison*, why can’t I stay away from you? I have lovely flats, as many as any rational person could possibly need, but then you have to go and release a style with cool buckles and a sweet rounded toe, and it’s all I can do to wait for them to go on sale. But it ends here– it’s this pair and nothing more. At least until these reach further markdown. Or these. But not these.

*And your diffusion line, Belle.
*Also, while I would probably not personally wear them, these may possibly be the sexiest boots known to man.

2 thoughts on “Shoesday: Fasten Your Shoe Belts”

  1. Hey! There will be no veganizing on this blog.

    If those snakes didn't want to be turned into a fabulous pair of boots, then they shouldn't have gone and had such attractively patterned skin.


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