Daisy Bateman

I’m On a Boat

Or at least I will be by the time you read this. We’re leaving this morning* for a short pre-holidays cruise out of Los Angeles, where it is projected to be raining steadily for the next four days. But that will be okay because, as I mentioned, we will be on a boat. (Or we already are, see above.) If you’re good, I’ll take lots of pictures and bring them back here to show you.

*Side note: Nine-thirty seems like a perfectly reasonable time for a flight, if you don’t think about how early you have to get up to make it to the airport.

3 thoughts on “I’m On a Boat”

  1. Hope you have a great time. I'm regretting home ownership but appreciating the homeowner ESP that wakes you up at 3:30am to tell you to check the basement (why? only ESP knows) so that you can discover that the water heater has developed an unfriendly leak when only 10% of the basement is submerged. It's kind of like being on a boat in reverse.


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