Daisy Bateman


Rocky Sage (goat’s milk, New York State) (Please ignore the label, that’s from the last one. My skills as a set decorator are sadly overrated.) What is it with cheesemakers and plants? Last time it was vegetable rennet and wood ash, this time it’s Salvia* under the rind. It doesn’t make a lot of sense … Read more

Is It Chilly In Here?

Of course not, I’m in California. But I do feel a freeze coming on . . . That’s right, economic observers, time to kiss the recovery goodbye, because Daisy’s going on another buying freeze.* No particular reason for this round, except that tax time is coming, and it felt like a good moment for it. … Read more

Thurscheese: The First Shipment

In my last post before the holidays I mentioned that I had fulfilled a life-long* ambition and joined a cheese-of-the-month-club, with shipments to begin shortly. They began: This is the December shipment– four cheeses of varying hardnesses and intensities and a handy tasting sheet so you know which is which and what to drink with … Read more

The Tempura Grail

Way back, lost now in the mists of blog, I was on a mission to find the best tempura in San Mateo. I was thorough, nearly exhaustive, but though I had some decent examples of the dish, nothing rose to the level of the tempura of my dreams. Which was a disappointment, if not really … Read more