Daisy Bateman

5 thoughts on “Schrödinger’s Cat Lady, Now Available”

  1. Based on your fans' responses in the discussion forum, it had better be another Death Traps mystery. I loved the story. As for the cats walking through walls, they are after all quantum cats and the walls are only finite potential barriers so they simply tunnel through. I liked the line, "You can't go on killing cats indefinitely." I say the same thing, or something like it.

  2. I came across Escape Pod just recently, and this story was one of the first I listened to. I then went and found the other two stories you wrote (yet to listen to the second…) and came to your website to see if there was any other stories you had written, in the hope I could persuade my local library to buy them. Thanks for something for which I had to supress laughter at work.

  3. Thanks so much; I'm glad you enjoyed the stories. As far as book-length publications, I can only say that I'm working very hard on that, and I should probably stop hanging around the blog and get back to it. 🙂


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