Daisy Bateman

Is It Chilly In Here?

Of course not, I’m in California. But I do feel a freeze coming on . . .

That’s right, economic observers, time to kiss the recovery goodbye, because Daisy’s going on another buying freeze.*

No particular reason for this round, except that tax time is coming, and it felt like a good moment for it. But there’s a twist– I’m not giving myself a firm end date. Instead, I have decided to give up shopping until I finish the first draft of Land Squid. That’s right, until I write The End on the last page of land-locked tentacle-y mayhem, there will be no cute skirts, no patterned coats, no bags with birds on them, no fancy cheese serving plates. And, laugh if you will, but I am going to say it: There will be no shoes.

(Okay, you can stop laughing now. Seriously. It’s not that funny.)

The way I figure it, if anything is going to get me to keep my butt in the chair and my mind on new ways to describe dismemberment, it is the knowledge that if I don’t I will never have a new pair of earrings again. Also, if I ever do quit my job and go to writing full-time, there’s no way I’m going to be able to afford any of this, so I might as well get used to it now.

*For those of you not familiar with my powers, please be aware that the first time I did this, I crashed the entire global economy.**
**I said I was sorry.

4 thoughts on “Is It Chilly In Here?”

  1. I guess it is time to cash out of stocks. I got concerned when Steve Jobs took sick leave but you stopping shopping is the deciding factor!


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