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Shoesday: Does It Float?

I bought these on an impulse, because I thought they were waterproof. There was nothing in the product description that actually said they were; they just looked like they might be. Unfortunately (or not) we’ve been having a very warm and dry spring, and it hasn’t rained since they arrived*. With any luck, I won’t have a chance to really test them until winter, by which time I will almost certainly have forgotten that I meant to.

*Except for that one day the weekend before last when we were out at Costco and bought a wine fridge, and were trying to figure out how to cram it into my tiny car when the storm entered the phase technically known as “vertical swimming pool.” But I wasn’t wearing the shoes then.

1 thought on “Shoesday: Does It Float?”

  1. Floatable or not the shoes are cute and this weather is much better than rainy winter weather! Also, nice to see a blog post after a dry spell.


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