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Shoesday: Typecast

Everyone has a type. Sure, you think you’re a wild and unpredictable free spirit, but one day you’re going to wake up and realize that every guy you’ve ever dated has a speech impediment and all of your jeans are light-wash bootcuts with an 8.5 in rise. You can’t escape it, and neither can I.

Exhibit A is these shoes. And these are B and C.* Yes, it’s true and I’m ready to admit it: I have a serious thing for Sigerson Morrison pointed-toe wedges, and I am not ashamed. Why would I be ashamed? These are awesome. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s a close-up of the texture in the leather and the detail on the backs:

I’m right, right? Total subtle badassery. Plus, unlike a lot of ankle boots, they’re cut low enough that it doesn’t look like my calves are swimming awkwardly in a pair of shoe-buckets. Which is good, because even the best pointy-toe can’t save shoe-buckets.

*And if I wasn’t on a buying freeze and they weren’t sold out in my size, these would be D, E and/or F.

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