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Shoefinder: I Believe in Summer

I know that right now, for many of us, hot and dry weather seems like a dim and distant possibility, but I believe that the time will come*, and when it comes we are going to be wanting to spend as much time as possible in sandals.

I also believe that Nordy’s has a pretty decent selection in their sale section right now, so in the interests of keeping this simple I’m going to be drawing only from there. Maybe next week I’ll go on and do another retailer. Maybe I won’t.

First up: Some comfortable flats. Because sometimes when it’s hot and your feet are sweaty, you just don’t have the bandwidth to deal with a heel.

Then again, sometimes you do. After all, there are evenings in the summer, aren’t there?

(Disclaimer: Despite the name, nobody in Berkeley has ever worn these shoes.

Of course, in some places it’s sweaty at night too. If you can handle the little bit that goes between your toes, these are a nice flat-but-still-dressier option.

I’m not typically a fan of the platform wedge, but these have a kind of appealing breeziness. Is this what people wear in the Hamptons?

Would the chains on these rattle irritatingly and possibly chafe? Very likely. Are they cheap and trendoid and intended for someone half my age? Almost certainly. Do I find them appealing anyway? I think we both know the answer to that.

These are mine. No touching.

*Also, I’m going to Spring Training with Mom in two weeks.

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