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Shoesday: A Potentially Premature Celebration of Spring

Spring! Sunshine! Flowers! Seasonal allergies! Molded plastic shoes! One of these things is in this picture.

I know that the third straight day of sunshine is probably too early to be breaking out the maypole and the sunscreen and the Lady Schick, but I don’t care. It has been raining for, by my estimate, forever and I am ready for it to be spring, even if I have to will it into existence all by myself.

Actually, and I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but it would have been nice if they could have pushed this up a few days so it could have been sunny on the weekend. Cameron’s friend Ken was visiting on Saturday and we spent it visiting wineries around Monterey*. And I would have appreciated some nice weather for that, both because I want California to be on its best behavior for visitors, because I like it when people are jealous of me, and because hauling two increasingly drunk Canadians around in my severely underpowered car would have been easier without the occasional loss of visibility. But anyway, it was still fun and I only succumbed to one, brief bout of road rage right at the end, so I’m calling it a successful day. I still wish it had been nicer, though.

Then I could have worn these shoes.

*Them drinking, me driving.

2 thoughts on “Shoesday: A Potentially Premature Celebration of Spring”

  1. I did get kind of distracted from my mission there, didn't I? They're actually the purple flowery ones from the sandals post I did for you, lo these many months ago, in blue. I found them on sale and bought them for myself, because I'm a jerk.
    Also, the flowers wrap around onto the soles, which should look pretty cool for walking on the beach.


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