Daisy Bateman

Do You Have Too Many Piles Of Cash Lying Around?

Think you’ve run out of pointless things to waste money on? Worried that somewhere out there, someone is being less frugal than you? Unsure if there are any sports left that do not have ridiculously overpriced equipment? My friend, let me introduce you to the one-hundred-and-thirty-six-dollar, carbon-fiber ping pong paddle:

The battle for rumpus-room supremacy will never be the same.

3 thoughts on “Do You Have Too Many Piles Of Cash Lying Around?”

  1. 1) That should go nicely with the $3000 pro ping pong table (free curbside shipping!) and
    2) I believe the price you quoted is without the rubbers installed (up to 62 CAD each side).

    I really like that you can choose different rubbers for the right and left sides of the paddle. (Does that sound dirty?)


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