Daisy Bateman

Shoesday: A Doll’s Shoes

Ibsen would be proud. I know what you must be thinking.”Wow,” you’re saying to yourself. “Those are some seriously rockin’ shoes Daisy has got there.” (These days, you think in ironic hipster slang. No, I don’t know why.) “But her legs look kind of funny. Has she lost weight? And why is the pile on … Read more

Thurscheese: Roomano

There are a few things I ask for from my cheese. One is, of course, to be delicious*. Others, in no particular order, include spreadability, failure to make the refrigerator smell like a lower class of toxic waste dump, and help with my taxes.** It hadn’t occurred to me to ask for a name that … Read more

Tomatoes: Reloaded

That’s right everyone, we’re back, and tomatoer than ever. Actually, that’s not true. My patio-gardening plans are much more modest this year, as evidence by the fact that I didn’t start any seedlings at all. I wasn’t actually sure that I was going to grow any heirlooms, but my coworker Jenn, who I had given … Read more