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Ballad* of the Mushroom Log

Sometimes, when the weather is nice on a weekend day, Cameron and I take some reading material and a bottle of wine and go sit out on the patio, to enjoy the sunshine and the view of the WheelWorks across the street. And sometimes, when the weather is nice for an unusually long time and the internet (via my iPad) is easily accessible, I drink slightly too much wine and buy a mushroom log.**

It came just before we left for the East coast, so I didn’t have time to prep it for sprouting according to the directions. So instead I followed the instructions for setting it up for a rest period and left it to rest on its packing material (the directions didn’t specify otherwise). So it was a surprise when I got home and Cameron told me that it sprouted:

The harvest is modest, but I figure it’s not that bad for not trying. I could get into this kind of gardening.

*This post 100% ballad-free.
**Also, a home-cheesemaking kit. More on that later.

2 thoughts on “Ballad* of the Mushroom Log”

  1. One year my mom and I both got a mushroom log for my stepdad as a Christmas present, without consulting with each other. Just a happy accident. Does that mean something, and if so, does it mean something about us or about him?


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