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Ugly Clothes for Rich People, Part II

We now continue our ongoing series of “Things You Couldn’t Afford, And That’s Okay”:

Thom Browne Pants, $899

Are you an old man? Were you already an old man in 1987? Are you, currently, playing golf? Well, you still shouldn’t be wearing these.

Givenchy Shirt, $2500

She is going to hunt down the people who stole the rest of her shirt, and kill them.

Camilla and Marc jacket, $790

“Are you ready yet?” “Just another twenty minutes, I’m buckling my jacket.”

Comme des Garcons blazer, $690

When fabric swatches attack.

Lavin pants, $669

If you click through on the links here, you may notice that many of these items are already on sale. That’s not surprising. What is surprising is how many sizes are already sold out. I bet the people who paid eleven hundred dollars for these pants feel pretty stupid right now. Fortunately, they look stupid too, so it works.

2 thoughts on “Ugly Clothes for Rich People, Part II”

  1. 1) I'm pretty sure my grandfather had those golf pants in the mid-'70s.
    2) I hate to criticize, but I think you were remiss in neglecting to mention that the Lavin pants are _jogging_ pants. (According to the designer, "It's about a woman, a desire, a need.") I try never to pay more than $650 for my jogging pants, no matter how many leaves they have on them, even if they're of fine example of (again, from the designer) "volume experimentation."

  2. Maybe they're for stealth jogging through the jungle. You never know when the Predator will come back and who can you count on to save you? Arnold's probably a little distracted these days (and way too old). You wear your leaf pants and he'll head straight for the guy in the plaid pants. See? These designer types really know their stuff. They're only concerned for your welfare should aliens attack.

    And do you think the fabric swatches really attacked or did somebody forget the drier sheet again?


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