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Shoesday: I Know Why the Caged Foot Sings

Or, Summertime, And The Walking Is Sweaty

Sometimes, you have to compromise. Sure, you might want to move into a treehouse, live on Pixi Sticks and sleep until four every day, but since your employer, dentist and reality won’t accept that you settle for surreptitiously picking your nose during meetings. It’s the same for me with shoes. As much as I love my collection of fabulous Heels of Insanity, there are times, such as when I am planning to walk for more than five minutes at a time, when discretion becomes the better part of not staggering barefoot through the second half of the evening. But since, to paraphrase the poet Young MC, I don’t want to hang myself with the orthopedic rope, a compromise must be reached.

That’s where these come in. They’re Sofft which, as previously discussed, has some lovely items among the lumps of concrete. They’re comfortable while still being flashy, which makes them perfect for next week’s trip to Vegas, a place where you can go out in a leather skirt, pink bustier and six-inch lime green platforms and come across as, essentially, Mother Superior, but also a place where walking is your most viable transportation option, since the traffic doesn’t move and the public transit doesn’t go anywhere.

Compromise: Sometimes it’s shiny.

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