Daisy Bateman


This is a sign that’s posted on the Caltrain shuttle: And this is the only type of openable window on said shuttle: I don’t know about you, but I really want to see someone try.

Ringing It

I may have already mentioned this to a couple of you*, but I recently got engaged. To Cameron, who is a lovely person and we’re very happy and blah, blah, you’re not interested in that. You want to see the hardware. And I am happy to oblige: (not a professional hand model) Not exactly visible … Read more

Shoesday: Gap Junctions

I don’t know what happened with me and The Gap. For most of my teenage years and well into my twenties they provided the majority of my wardrobe. Eventually, I did transition somewhat to Banana Republic (my brief foray into the goods from Old Navy is best left undiscussed), but then, like a friend who … Read more

They’re Coming

Looks like I’m going to have some cherry tomatoes after all. More than a few, actually. I admit, they have a ways to go. And could probably use some warm weather. But I feel like this is a good start. I probably should have gotten around to staking them, though.

So You Think Finland Can Dance

Do not ask why I was searching for “Finnish Tango” on YouTube in the middle of the day. Just enjoy this video about the hairstyles and leisure activities of the mid-eighties in Finland, and appreciate this quote from the intro: “. . .A country where gloom is pervasive. Melancholy, sorrow and shyness abound. All this, … Read more

Ugly Clothes For Rich People Part V

Summer Edition! See by Chloe shorts, $175 Do you really want to take Cheetos-era Britney as your fashion role model? Rodarte for Opening Ceremony shorts, $764 I’m pretty sure these are lederhosen. I’m entirely sure they’re stupid. Costume National dress, $350 It’s a dress! It’s a bikini! It’s neither! Moschino dress, $1690 If they mated: … Read more

Watch Out For Frogs*

When we last spoke** I mentioned that I was back from Vegas, and then vanished again. Not, as you might imagine, to sleep off the hangover, but to head up the coast for a relaxing long weekend in Bodega Bay, a place with no showgirls at all. It was a lovely trip that was exciting … Read more