Daisy Bateman

Ugly Clothes For Rich People Part V

Summer Edition!

See by Chloe shorts, $175

Do you really want to take Cheetos-era Britney as your fashion role model?

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony shorts, $764

I’m pretty sure these are lederhosen. I’m entirely sure they’re stupid.

Costume National dress, $350

It’s a dress! It’s a bikini! It’s neither!

Moschino dress, $1690

If they mated: a decorative toilet seat cover and the curtains at Applebee’s.

Comme des Garcons dress, $425

Perfect for spending a relaxing day at the beach getting dragged out of the surf by fishermen and thrown back because you’re not in season.

2 thoughts on “Ugly Clothes For Rich People Part V”

  1. I kind of like the shorts with the pockets hanging out, but, you know, for ten bucks at Old Navy. Where I expect to see them on the clearance rack at the end of next summer. Heh.


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