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Ringing It

I may have already mentioned this to a couple of you*, but I recently got engaged. To Cameron, who is a lovely person and we’re very happy and blah, blah, you’re not interested in that. You want to see the hardware. And I am happy to oblige:

(not a professional hand model)

Not exactly visible from space, but I like them.

As a matter of fact, the rings belonged to my grandmother, and we had been planning to have the stones reset into something new. But when I tried them on and they fit, it just seemed silly to spend a bunch of money to turn one perfectly nice ring into another, so I’m just going with them as-is. After all, they did pretty well the last time around.

**I also want to tell you not to worry, this is not about to become a wedding blog, those things make me want to claw my own eyes out.

6 thoughts on “Ringing It”

  1. YEA!!

    And you would write an AWESOME wedding blog. Because it would be smart and funny and also bitchy in the exact way that always gladdens my tiny black heart. Like, say, "Ugly Wedding Dresses for Rich People" posts. For instance.

    And the ring is so beautiful!!!! Best wishes to you, congratulations to Cameron… YEA YEA!!


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