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Shoesday: Gap Junctions

I don’t know what happened with me and The Gap. For most of my teenage years and well into my twenties they provided the majority of my wardrobe. Eventually, I did transition somewhat to Banana Republic (my brief foray into the goods from Old Navy is best left undiscussed), but then, like a friend who moved away and got really into mid-nineteenth century nose-flute music, we lost touch and I don’t really know who they are any more.* So it was fun, in a drunken-class-reunion sort of way, to come across these shoes from there and discover I liked them. Granted, they were part of a designer collaboration and a little more expensive than my last Gap shoe purchase, but I think they were worth it, if only for the late-nineties nostalgia and velcro straps.

*Except I still buy underwear there.

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