Daisy Bateman

Top Gear’s Take Your Car to Work Day

 From the intensely amusing British car show Top Gear (Now on Netflix streaming!), a trip to work in the world’s smallest car. I saw this two days ago and it’s still making me giggle at random intervals. Particularly at the part where he drives past the newscast. Astonishing!

What Would You Name Them?

I don’t have any faith with my ability with fish tanks– I can barely keep an african violet alive on my desk. But if I did, and I happened to have $350 lying around and some space in the living room, I would totally get this personal jellyfish tank: Isn’t that amazing? Don’t tell me … Read more

Department of Story Ideas: The Meat-Eaters

The Inspiration:A conversation over lunch during which someone mentioned ongoing efforts to create lab-grown meat. Apparently, it needs to be kept moving by the application of electrical shocks in order to develop properly. You see where I am going with this. The Story:As above, with some minor variations. Rather than using muscle cells directly from … Read more

Shoesday: For Whom the Belle Ships

Hey, I said I was stocking up. Acquired: One pair of shiny black Belle by Sigerson Morrison flats, as a guard against the coming flatpocalypse. They’ll be perfect once I add the padded heel inserts necessary for my bony mutant heels from trying to chew their way to freedom, and blisters.

“Fancy”: A Revisionist Version

You know how sometimes there’s a song you really kind of like, but you can’t stand to listen to it because the lyrics are basically about how if you’re a poor woman all you’re really good for is prostitution? Well, for me, Reba McEntire’s “Fancy” is that song. I have to admit, the chorus is … Read more