Daisy Bateman

Coming “Attractions”

Arriving soon on a blog near you*: Ugly Clothes For Rich People, Menswear Edition Perhaps you do not think men’s clothing offers enough scope for an entire blog post mocking its excesses. Perhaps you have not yet seen the three-hundred-dollar swim trunks with eyeballs on them. They don’t even go all the way around the … Read more

Let’s Do Some Math!

Drugs – People = Money Drugs – Money = Huffing Whipped Cream Cans at Safeway (People – Money + Drugs)*Dignity^-1 = VH1 People – Pictures + Words = Newsweek People – Words + Pictures = Star People + People = Hell Money + Money = Problems + Problems Money + Money + Money = Must … Read more

Wedding Zombie Will Eat Your Brain

I thought I was safe. Certainly, I knew I had my vulnerabilities; I had heard its shuffling feet in my brief contemplation of guest favors, and felt its cold fingers when contemplating if it was possible to combine the old/blue somethings into one item. But it wasn’t until we completed the budget spreadsheet that the … Read more

Sunday Dinner: An Adventure in Pictures

Potential new semi-regular feature here, where I demonstrate recipes so foolproof that even I can’t screw them up, though not for a lack of trying. Today we’re starting with one of my more elaborate attempts: making choucroute garni. Or, as it has come to be known around here, “the big pile of pork” dish. It … Read more

Financial Update for Daisy Johny

Dear Daisy Johny, Just thought you’d like to know that your loan of 20,900 Rs* has gone through, and your EMI amount is 2090 Rs, according to the loan documents that continue to be sent to my email address, despite it not being yours. And thanks a lot, because despite the fact that I have … Read more