Daisy Bateman

Crime Scene at My Fingertips

I’m not a big Halloween person (Except for the candy. I am definitely a big candy person.), but I came across this nail-polish tutorial and decided to give it a try. I think it turned out pretty well– the only downside is that occasionally I will be eating something and be briefly freaked out by … Read more

Black and White and Noir All Over

Penguins: The enlightened suburbanites of the animal world. Community-oriented and conservatively dressed, they moved to a dull, out-of-the-way, but safe, neighborhood for the sake of their children, and the parents take turns commuting to fish. But could there be a dark side to this domestic simplicity? A criminal element lurking in their midst, spoiling a … Read more

Thurscheese: Pierce Point

Pierce Point cheese from Cowgirl Creamery Confession: I did not take this picture. I know this is not the kind of intellectual honesty you have come to expect from this blog, but I think it’s time we all lowered our standards a bit. Don’t you? Anyway, one thing that does not have low standards is … Read more

Thurscheese: Tiny brie!

Trader Joe’s is a wonderous place, isn’t it? Even stupid impulse buys made in a moment of hunger-driven idiocy can turn out well there. Take this, for example.* If person is shopping for frozen lunches on an empty stomach comes across a bag a of individually packed little cups labeled “brie” and buys them because … Read more