Daisy Bateman

A Hundred Acres of Shadows

(Inspired by a true story. Loosely. With thanks to @bmahersciwriter and Captain Morgan.) The bear lowered his rotund form into the chair and contemplated his guests.“Well, gentlemen, I think you know why I’ve brought you here.”As they protested their ignorance, he slid a stoneware jar across the table and pointed to the label.“Do you know … Read more

Shoesday: Back Down to Earth(keepers)

(Note on the post title: When I started writing this, I thought these shoes were from Timberland’s Earthkeepers collection. They’re not, but I forgot to change the title before I posted it. These things happen.) After last week’s flight of fanciness, I thought it would be a good idea to get back to something a … Read more

Since You Asked: Dear Lucky

The following is an actual question from a reader that appeared in this month’s Lucky magazine. I thought I’d help out by answering it for them. Q: So, I just turned 25 and I still have no wrinkles (phew!), but I want to do the best thing for my face to prevent aging. I already … Read more

Shoesday: The Everyday Louboutins

Let’s talk about secret weapons. Actually, scratch that. A secret weapon is only useful if you actually use it, and that can get messy. So let’s talk about weapons everybody knows you have, which are a lot more fun. Also, let’s acknowledge that what we’re really talking about are shoes. Recently, I had a fancy-shoe … Read more