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Shoesday: Back Down to Earth(keepers)

(Note on the post title: When I started writing this, I thought these shoes were from Timberland’s Earthkeepers collection. They’re not, but I forgot to change the title before I posted it. These things happen.)

After last week’s flight of fanciness, I thought it would be a good idea to get back to something a little more practical, and less likely to have a bunch of twenty-somethings setting up tents on my doormat.* These are Timberland’s “Brattle Hiker,” whatever that means** purchased in a surprising burst of sanity and worn on days when I know standing and walking are going to feature heavily in my activities. They’re lightweight and waterproof and they might not have salespeople falling over themselves to serve me, but I did run about half a mile from the auto shop to the San Francisco Caltrain station on the first day I wore them, without hurting myself or missing my train. So I guess that’s a good metric for shoe quality too.

*Ha! We don’t have doormat.
**I suppose I ought to hike in them at some point.

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