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You Payed What? Manly Gift Edition

Because the Ugly Things For Rich People posts aren’t really supposed to be about stuff that is just expensive*, but there are some items that are too stupid to not make fun of on the internet.**

Shipley & Halmos “beer sleeve,” $2.50 for 6

By far the cheapest item I have ever posted, and yet, in its own way, the most insidiously stupid. Because yes, it is moderately amusing (the joke, if you can’t read the printing, is that it is a paper bag with detailed instructions for wrapping it around a bottle of beer). And as gag gift prices go, two-fifty is not exactly breaking the bank. But that’s not the point. The point is that because Shipley & Halmos is a fancy clothes designer, they are able to take some paper bags, print something moderately amusing on them, and sell them at a 30-fold markup. Because now they’re fashion!

Best Made axe, $300

 This entire shop seems to be aimed at people who have either never heard of a hardware store, or are too afraid to go in them. Is shop class really that traumatic? Look, I am sure that this is a fine axe, just as I am equally sure that it is not 7.9 times better than this axe, which comes highly recommended by people who have actually used it to chop things. Of course, the sellers would argue that you just have to pay more for fine American craftsmanship than for imports from cheaper foreign countries. You know, like Finland.

*I try. I do not always succeed.
**It’s the internet. That’s what it’s for.

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  1. So, because of regretsy comments, I too went to check out your blog, started reading, and can now not stop, having started a RSS feed and followed your twitter!

    I especially love your "stupid rich people stuff" posts.

    Curse you for making such a good blog, I don't have hours left in the day to read them all 😛



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