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Shoesday: Let’s Party

I really need to recharge my camera battery and stop using my cell phone for these.

In preparation for the holiday-shoes-you-should-buy-and-tell-me-about post I am planning for later in this week, I thought I’d share some party-ready boots of my own. These are Sigerson Morrison, from my recent, largely successful quest to buy up all of the shoes that were produced by the original owners/designers, before one of my favorite brands becomes an offshoot of Guess, black suede with handy belts to keep their shoe-pants from falling down. I admit they do not exactly scream “fancy holiday party”*, but that’s okay because no one ever invites me to fancy holiday parties anyway.** But with sufficient application of imagination and/or eggnog, I think you could see these as Santa boots, if Santa joined a biker gang and developed an affinity for four-inch heels. And if that’s not a party, then I don’t know what is.

*Which is good, because that would be awkward in elevators.

2 thoughts on “Shoesday: Let’s Party”

  1. Little known fact: Santa actually wanted to be a cobbler, but his elf-order got mixed up at the warehouse and he got toy-making elves instead. The only reason he gives all the toys away is that he can't figure out how to turn the damn things off.


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